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Frequently Asked Questions


Where is the Campus Store located?

We are located at the Cumberland Campus next to the College Center and Learning Commons. Our store has a blue and green awning that makes it very visable. We suggest parking in the upper parking lots or lower lot by the gym and using the main sidewalk that goes through the center of campus.    

ACM Campus Store front sign

What hours are you open?

Summer Hours 5/28/24-8/2/24:

Pick-Up Window
Walk In Hours 


When will my order be ready?

You will receive notification when your order is complete. Orders placed on weekends/holidays are processed when the college reopens. Please call 814-652-9528 before traveling to the Bedford Campus for order pick up. 

What do I need to Pick-Up my Order?

You need the order number or name on the order at time of pick-up. 

How do I order books, access my digital bookshelf, or make returns to eCampus?

Ordering from

1. Go to:

2. If you are already registered, select Shop by Schedule, Sign In via School Account, and login with your ACM Brightspace credentials. You will see a list of all your course materials.

3. If you are not registered, select Shop by Course, Select Term, Dept, Course, Section, and select Find Materials for Course.

4. Select the items you wish to purchase, and select Add Item to Cart.

5. Continue shopping to add more items, or select Go to Cart.

6. Review your order and select Proceed to Checkout.

7. Select your substitution preference, then Proceed to Checkout.

8. Shipping: Free shipping to the Cumberland Campus Store or Bedford County Campus. You may also have items shipped to home. Shipping fees and delivery times vary.

9. Payment: Select financial aid, credit card, PayPal, or a combination of the three. *Students who receive special funding such as Veterans Affairs or UPMC must contact the Campus Store at 301-784-5348 before placing order.

10. You will get a notification when your order is ready.

11. If you ordered an access code, eBook, or digital item, the item will be uploaded to the eCampus Digital Bookshelf within 24 hours. See below for steps to access your eCampus Digital Bookshelf. 

Accessing eCampus Digital Bookshelf

1. Go to:

2. Sign In via School Account, then login using your ACM Brightspace credentials.

3. Click on the person icon.

4. Select Digital Bookshelf.

5. You should see the item you ordered.

6. Important notice – revealed access codes may not be eligible for a refund.

7. Select Reveal, Access, or Register to utilize your eBook or access code.

8. Follow the instructions to activate your materials. 

Returning Items to

1. Go to:

2. Sign In via School Account, then login using your ACM Brightspace credentials.

3. Click on the person Icon or MyAccount.

4. Select Manage My Rentals/Returns.

5. Select Return for a Refund, Return My Rental for Free, or Purchase or Extend (for Rentals).

6. Select the quantity for items to return and select Print Label & Complete Return for a prepaid UPS return label.

7. Print out label and attach to box.

8. Drop off at the ACM Campus Store or any UPS location

9. Returns take 7-10 business days for receipt and posting the refund to your account.


How do I make changes or cancel my order?

Textbook/Access Code orders from Books by eCampus: Please contact eCampus Customer Service

Clothing/Other orders from ACM Campus Store: Please call 301-784-5348 or use the Contact Us form. 

My course gives me Choices - Which one do I pick? 

Need Assistance Callout

We give you choices so you can select the choice that you prefer. For example, one choice may be a "Printed Book Bundle" consisting of a physical textbook and access code and another choice may be an "Access Code" or "Ebook". Students decide if they prefer having a printed book to use for reading and assignments or if they prefer an ebook option that they read on an electronic device. Used and rental options may not include courseware or access codes. Students should check with their instructor to make sure they have the correct materials prior to activating any digital access or opening shrink-wrapped books/codes. 


How do I purchase a Lab Manual for Bio-101L, Chem-100L, or Chem-101L?

Lab Manuals for Bio-101L, Chem-100L and Chem-101L are available to purchase both in-store and online. All other lab manuals and books should be purchased using our eCampus site.

  • Go to:  
  • Select Lab Supplies  
  • Select the Manual for your course. 
  • Add to Cart and Checkout. 
  • Allow 24 hours for online order processing. Orders placed on weekends and holidays will be processed when the college reopens.  

How do I order Nursing Study Packets?

Nursing packets are available to purchase both in-store and online. All other Nursing books/materials should be purchased using our eCampus site.

  • Go to:  
  • Select Nursing Packets 
  • Select the Packet for your course. 
  • Add to Cart and Checkout. 
  • Allow 24 hours for online order processing. Orders placed on weekends and holidays will be processed when the college reopens.  

How do I order scrubs for Nursing?
Please complete the Nursing Scrub Order Form.
  • Students who complete this form grant permission to the ACM Campus Store to order their Nursing Scrub Package. Package Includes: 2 Tops, 2 Pants, 1 Jacket.  
  • Sample Scrubs available at the Campus Store to try on during Walk-In Hours. 
  • The Nursing Department will announce the deadlines for ordering scrubs. Orders submitted past the deadline will be submitted individually and can take 4-8 weeks to process depending on item availability and custom embroidery. 
Nursing Scrub Order Form

How do I order scrubs for other Allied Health Programs?  (Excludes Nursing Program)

  • Check with your Program for specifics on scrub/uniform requirements.  
  • If you would like to use your Financial Aid account to purchase scrubs from Uniform Village, you may purchase a voucher from the ACM Campus Store to take to Uniform Village.  

How Do I order a Voucher Code for a Science Custom Lab Kit?


Purchasing Voucher Code  

  • ·        Student goes to:

    ·        Select Science Kit Vouchers

    ·        Select the Voucher for your course.

    ·        Add to Cart and Checkout

    ·        Allow 24 hours for order processing. Orders placed on weekends and holidays will be processed when the college reopens.

    ·        You will receive an email from the ACM Campus Store with the voucher code and instructions on how to use the code to order your kit from Science Interactive. 

Redeeming Voucher to Order Lab Kit  

  • ·        Important! Most custom lab kits are non-returnable/non-refundable.

    ·        Follow the instructions sent to you with your voucher code or login to your course in Brightspace.

    ·        Place your order early. Kits are shipped directly to your home from Science Interactive.

    ·        Questions? Call the Campus Store at 301-784-5348.

How Do I sell my Used Books?

Our Online Book Buyback is open year-round. In-store buybacks are normally held the last week of the spring and fall semesters. Call the Campus Store for details. 

What is your Return Policy?

View our complete Return Policy

ACM Faculty/Staff Questions

How do I order Faculty Supplies from the Campus Store?

ACM Faculty/Staff may purchase faculty supplies both in-store or online. To place an online order, please use the Campus Store Faculty/Staff Supply Order Form.

.Faculty Supplies Order form

How do I order Faculty/Staff Regalia?

The College provides the basic cap, gown and hood for permanent full-time faculty members as well as staff who intend to participate in graduation ceremonies. Please complete the Faculty/Staff Regalia Order FormAllow 4 weeks minimum for order fulfillment.

Faculty Staff Regalia Order Form


How do I order ink for an ACM Department Printer?

ACM Faculty/Staff may order ink for an ACM department printer by completing the Departmental Ink Order Form.

 Departmental Ink Order Form