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 Student Information on Inclusive Access:

Faculty Information on Inclusive Access:

  • Inclusive Access - An Instructor's Guide 
  • It is the goal of the Campus Store to work with Faculty, Program Directors, and Publishers to decide if Inclusive Access is the best option and to evaluate each course on an individual basis. 
  • If you have an interest in Inclusive Access -please reach out to the Campus Store Manager, Carla Rice to start the process. 
  • The main differences between IA and regular courses:
    • Students pay a course fee at the time of regsitration that covers the cost of their IA (Inclusive Access) materials.  Normally, students do not need to purchase anything additonal from the Campus Store but there may be exceptions. For example, some IA courses provide a printed copy of the book as an optional purchase in the ACM Campus Store with a significant discount to the student. 
    • Most Inclusive Access materials should be offered at a discounted cost to the students. This cost should be less than what the student would normally pay to purchase the item from the ACM Campus Store. 
    • Day One Access: Students enrolled in an Inclusive Access course will have access to their materials on the first day of class. Students receive an email before their class begins information on inclusive access. 
    • Students must be provided the option to "Opt Out" before the opt out deadline:
    • Common reasons for Opting Out: 
      • Student repeating a course and still has access. 
      • Student enrolled in multiple courses with the same materials. 
      • The course materials are the same as the prerequisite course.  
      • Student purchased access on their own from another source.  
  • Here are a few things to keep in mind when considering Inclusive Access:
    • Colleges offering IA are required to allow students to opt out. 
    • All Inclusive Access goes through the ACM Campus Store - we use eCampus to manage the opts out and billing. Students in IA courses receive emails from eCampus and can opt out prior to the opt out deadline.  
    • All instructors for the specific course must use the same materials as Inclusive Access. If any instructor wants to use something different - the course cannot be IA. 
    • Publishers may require a contract agreement with a committment for multiple years. It may be difficult to predict textbook needs that far in advance. 
    • Carefully examine all the options to make sure this is the best option for your students. Compare prices to see which option saves your students the most money.   
    • Faculty interested in IA should contact the Campus Store approximately 3 months before implementation. Some publishers require 6-8 weeks for set up. The Campus Store, the Program, eCampus and the Publisher must be involved to confirm details and pricing. 
    • The Campus Store will help set up the course fee. All fees must be approved and in place prior to registration opening. 
    • Faculty will work with eCampus or directly with their publisher representative for Inclusive Access to set up their courses in Brghtspace. 
    • Please contact the Campus Store Manager if you have questions.